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I am ready to take the responsibility for my ideas and beliefs- vocalist of Mister X about repression against antifascists in Belarus

Few days ago Igor from Mister X published a statement online. Recently Hrodna’s antifascists (city in West of Belarus) are suffering police repression and it is all leading us to believe this is just the beginning. 161 Crew stands in solidarity with Igor and rest of the group that is being harassed by the uniformed thugs. . We also hope that the darkest scenario will not fulfill itself and Igor will not end up again behind the bars due to politically motivated decisions as it already happened few times in the past.  Stay tuned. 

Most of you my friends know me as an fan of convoluted sentences and long speeches. Today however I will not give you any of this. I will be brief to the MAXIMUM and this is why: with the beginning of 2015 belarusian police force got very active and right now in Hrodna they are starting an administrative investigation about “two Anti-Fascist Action stickers”. There were already house searches, computer equipment and anti-fascist literature had been seized from few people including minors. According to the information in my possession, main aim of the officers is to get me charged in a criminal case as an informal leader of antifascist movement, which I am according to them for many years. Why am I still free? I don’t have an answer to that question. Most likely guardians of the order want to find something heavier than “two stickers” or maybe they are already waiting outside my door. Why now? I don’t know – perhaps it is connected with the fact that 2015 is a year of presidential election in Belarus. In any case soon I will probably have to pay under full letter of the law for all accusations from the police side. What kind of accusations those will be? I don’t know. I can only say that I haven’t committed any offences, so any charges will be a lie and a provocation. Perhaps I am left free on purpose so I can leave the country and hide from the justice. I am not planning on doing that! I am staying in Belarus! I am ready to face the consequences of my words and acts, I am ready to take the responsibility for my ideas and beliefs. If I am destined to spend some time away from my friends and family, then well, I am ready. I apologise all, with whom we planned many different things, which will never happen. I apologise to all to whom I will not be able to fulfil my responsibilities not by my fault. I apologise to my wife and children, which will not have it easy without me. I apologise to my parents that they don’t have an easy life with me.
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