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About us

About us

161 CREW is a group of friends and mates coming from different circles. Big part of our group are Anti-fascist skinheads, but there are also punks, hip hop fans, Anti-fascist hooligans and few crazies that are hard to classify. We are connected by our hatred towards fascism, racism and all totalitarian ideologies under any names. By getting involved in project such as this website we want to present street culture with clear, Anti-fascist stance. Amongs us you will not find politically correct liberals, who would like to solve all problems by writing stern articles in Gazeta Wyborcza or by contacting police. You will not find any fans of red dictators among us neither. And last but not least you will not find among us any non-ideological fencesitters, who hide their right wing sympathies under disguise of being „apolitical”, shake hands with nazis and at the same time shouthow much they hate „lefties” or are too big cowards to make their stance towards fascist scum clear.

161 CREW wants to show that being involved in something more than drinking beer is more common that you can think and that there are situations in which any human with some dignity left should choose one side of the barricade. Anybody that wants to co-operate with us, please get in touch.



Strona ma charakter tylko i wyłącznie informacyjny. Nie namawiamy nikogo do łamania prawa.